First Time Central Heating (FTCH)

Urban Energy Solutions are very proud to be playing an integral part in helping eradicate fuel poverty throughout the UK, helping low income households access grants to claim free energy saving measures.

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What Is First Time Central Heating? (FTCH)

Do you have no heating, electric room heaters or storage heaters but no gas central heating?

GRANTS AVAILABLE for First Time Central Heating to be installed.

Do you live in an electric heated property in England or Wales?

Do you have a gas fire or cooker but no boiler and radiators OR do you use electric to heat your home?

Is somebody living in the property receiving any benefits or in low income employment?

Then apply today for first time central heating to be installed with an ECO grant.

This grant is non-repayable, small contribution in some cases may be necessary.

Please do not apply if you have a boiler OR radiators at home, EVEN IF THEY DO NOT WORK. We are sorry, You will not qualify.

First Time Central Heating (FTCH) is available to Homeowners only.

Urban Energy Solutions - First Time Central Heating

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“As a company we are really proud of the leading role we play in advising the most vulnerable in society how to ensure their home is energy efficient and helping them access the funding that is available. It still amazes me to hear the stories of people up and down the country who don’t know they are entitled to get a boiler grant worth thousands of pounds. We now have around 200 advisers working throughout the UK helping customers claim their entitlement and are adding daily to our staff levels to keep up with demand”

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