Underfloor  Insulation

Homeowners, Landlords and Private Tenants can lower the cost of fuel bills, improve the value of their home all with hassle free Loft, Cavity Wall, Internal or External insulation from Urban Energy Solutions.

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Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor Insulation, when installed, takes the form of a sheet of solid insulation mounted right under the floorboards.

It helps to wipe out excess heat loss and the energy bill can be reduced at least 10%.

Moreover, underfloor insulation can be used collectively with reflective foil, however forming an insulated shield to counter the external atmosphere.

Reduce your bills!

Insulating the floor will create a substantial difference in respect of power and cost savings. This can effectively be achieved by locating an insulating material beneath the floorboards and in between the joists, which as a result eliminates heat loss within the floor and towards the Earth. By doing so, nearly 15% of a house’s heat is lost. In addition to this, adding insulation to the floorboards also improves draughtproofing.

The Benefits

  • Sustainability
  • Long-lasting prevention
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces bills
  • Stops heat from escaping

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