FREE Internal Wall Insulation

Homeowners, Landlords and Private Tenants can lower the cost of fuel bills, improve the value of their home all with hassle free Loft, Cavity Wall, Internal or External insulation from Urban Energy Solutions.

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FREE Internal Wall Insulation

Help reduce your energy bills by up to £475 a year!

Do you use electric heaters around your home, but don’t feel warm? Do you have central heating, but for some reason it still doesn’t feel warm inside?

If you and your family would love to feel warmer, without paying through the roof – you could be eligible for our grant.

The grant means if you are on Benefits, Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit – you may be able to get Internal Wall Insulation completely free of charge.

Urban Energy Solutions - Internal Wall Insulation

Reduce your bills!

If you currently have solid walls, then you will not be able to use Cavity Wall Insulation. But you will be able to use Internal Wall Insulation.

Internal Wall Insulation goes on the side of your external wall – so you will not need to fit it on every surface – just the surface facing the outside. Unless you have a corner room, then this will be required on two walls. By doing this, the insulation will work to its optimal level, therefore allowing you to use less electric to keep the heat inside – thus saving you money on your bills!

You Can Save

  • Up to £115 each year on a flat.
  • Up to £155 each year in a mid-terrace home
  • Up to £245 each year in a semi-detached or end of terrace home
  • Up to £415 each year in a detached home.

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This government energy efficiency scheme has been set up to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle the cost of energy.
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